Special editions

Shortly after the release of This Is Lean, companies and organizations started to use the book as a tool for developing a common understanding. Top-management teams read the book and used it as a base for discussion when evaluating if lean was something that they wanted to implement. Some companies distributed the book to all managers within the whole organisation making it compulsory reading with the message “this should be our view of what lean is”. Other companies took the spread of the book even further and let 100% of their employees read the book. For instance, the largest university hospital in Sweden, Karolinska University Hospital, let over 17 400 employees read book.

As a response to this extensive usage of the book, Rheologica Publishing developed a product called Special Edition. A special edition is a tailor-made version of the book including a number of company-specific “add-ons” and contributions. A basic special edition always includes the company’s logotype on the cover of the book and a specific foreword written by a company representative, usually the CEO of the company.

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